Tucker Hall

Rochester, New York


I could not have asked for better service. They were knowledgeable and patient while explaining the problems my car was having, and then they fixed it for half what I expected to pay. My car is running like its new and I can not help but to be impressed and grateful. Great job guys!

Attilio Bumgarter

Rochester, New York


These guys are great and they saved me SO MUCH money over the dealer. I can’t thank you guys enough for getting me back on the road. The car actually runs better than it ever did. You guys did a great job !! I will definitely refer you to everyone I know in need of transmission service. Thanks again !

Tim Principe

Hamlin, New York


Thank you for your patience and honesty! You will be highly recommended

Paul Panely

Mount Morris, New York


I just picked up my 2006 Ford Explorer, and it is running like new. Jeremy and his crew are the best, super friendly and treat you like a friend instead of a customer. If anyone who needing a transmission repair and decides to go else where they are making HUGE mistake. Eagle Transmission, the are the specialists!!!!!

Sydney S

Rochester, New York


My husband and I took our 2002 Toyota Corolla in for a transmission cap repair, and we were impressed by the efficiency and friendliness of the service technicians. They completed the repair sooner and for a much lower cost than was expected. Thank you, Eagle Transmission!

Matt Johnson

Queens, New York


I was on a road trip recently and my car broke down, i had transmission problems in the past so i figured, a quick search on google took me to eagle transmissions. Chris did a great job explaining everything in detail and i was on my way within a few hours and got a great price. They do a great job explaining thoroughly and showing me whats wrong vs. the other guys who just take your money and don’t tell you.

Carlo P

Webster, New York


My family has used Eagle Transmission for the last 20 years. The service is excellent and the prices are great. No cheap parts used and any tranny work that they have done for any of our cars has been awesome. If you are looking for a good family owned business, then you have found the right place. I will only use Eagle.

Stuart Singleton

Fairport, New York


If I could give this place a higher rating, I would! I was having a check engine light that would cut on and off periodically. This is really annoying and one of those things that is high on my paranoia list. I immediately went to my go-to guy for all things car-related, they determined my check engine light and codes were a transmission issue and referred me to the Transmission Shop. That being said, I made an appointment and drove right on over since they could see me immediately. “Danny”? (Can’t for the life of me remember) greeted me and was very friendly and chatty as he did the diagnostic test on my Honda. I asked if he could please clear the codes and turn off the check engine light and check to make sure nothing serious was wrong. He took my car for a test drive to check out the transmission and when he determined nothing was wrong, he went ahead and cleared the codes for me. During the test drive, he told me that he’d been in the business for a bunch of years, that he goes to seminars regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest in automotive diagnostic and auto repair, and taught me all about the materials used in catalytic converters, etc. This guy knows his stuff. The total cost? FREE. Free?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes, FREE! Ed said not to worry about it since I was referred by my regular and that there wasn’t anything wrong with me car. Are you SERIOUS?! WOW!!!! Ok, He did ask me to hand out his cards. I was ready and willing to pay him, I was so thrilled that he’d taken care of everything so quickly and efficiently that I WANTED to pay him, but he waved me off and told me to come back if there was ever a problem. He even made a copy of the computer printout with old codes for me so I can have a record and kept a record for his own files. I was shocked to find out this gem of an auto repair shop isn’t on yelp and so here I am, sharing the wealth. If and when I ever have a transmission problem I’ll be running back to the Transmission Shop. It is SO refreshing to meet good, kind, HONEST, skilled and knowledgeable mechanics; I’ve found mine and will never even think about going anywhere else.

Bernard Shaw

Rochester, New York


Excellent, friendly staff. The guys there were patient and kept me informed on the status of my vehicle while it underwent repairs. Would recommend you check them out and would plan to return if transmission issues with other vehicles arise in the future.

Davie Nassan

Bronx, New York


These people save a a ton of money, my transmissions completely failed on me, I found them online and took it to them, They offered me a full replacement and they gave me a fair price but i was skeptic because the price is a bit too cheap. once they finished my car started working and guess what???? its now been 7 months and its still working!! in conclusion they offer GREAT service GREAT parts and GREAT labor!! thank you guys!!!

David Forster

Kalamazoo, Michigan


Returning from an extended vacation late on a Friday afternoon and still 500 miles from home, I lost 3rd & 4th gears in my transmission. Unable to find service until Monday, I took the advice of an auto repair shop manager & called Eagle Transmission. The manager understood my situation & was concerned that I would be stuck for 5 or 6 days. He and his crew stayed several hours past closing to obtain and install a rebuilt transmission. He picked up snacks & beverages for me & they worked until late Friday evening to get me on the road, back to home & work. The price was less than my long-time mechanic estimated. The remaining 8 hour drive was uneventful. These guys saved me a great deal of time, money & stress. I am very grateful. They went above & beyond for someone they never met who was in a real bind.
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